Why I use organic products?

March 21, 2018

What is organic and why should I support local farmers? 


Organic means that a food is made without any intervention from mankind or chemistry. Crops are grown separately from conventional crops using special soil, and farmers are not allowed to use any pesticides, non-natural fertilizers, or antibiotics. Buying organic is the only way to ensure that dangerous substances such as insecticides and herbicides are not present in produce.


I choose to eat foods that have ingredients I can pronounce.  I also look at the ingredient list to determine how many ingredients there are.  If a product has more than five (5) ingredients or if I can't pronounce or recognize an ingredient, I tend not to purchase it.  I have found that most of my chronic pain is caused, not because my body hates me as I've believed for half my life, but because it does not recognize what I am eating.  Since I have introduced natural and organic foods into my diet, I feel better and have less bad days. I don't claim that I eat 100% organic, if you've ever met me, you know I am not picky when I get hangry!


Along with what I put in my body, I try to keep what I use on my body just as organic.  Our skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs whatever we put on it. It breathes and takes in toxins from the air around us.  We can be as "clean" as possible, however as soon as we step outside we are bombarded with toxins. When I make my soaps, beauty products and household cleaning products, I strive to use pure organic and non toxic products to help reduce the amount of toxins my body absorbs.


Producing organic foods can be expensive for farmers, with organic feed costing twice what normal feed costs. Additionally, most organic farms are too small to receive subsidies from the government. Because of the difficulties facing organic farmers, organic foods are commonly perceived to be more expensive than conventional foods.  I've always heard that you get what you pay for, so I try to shop locally and I am always looking for local farms and homesteads that I can purchase from. If you know of any small, family owned goat farms where I can purchase my goats milk, please let me know!


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