Allergies are starting early

April 5, 2018

How many of us have had to miss a day of work or school because we were feeling tired with body aches, runny nose or congestion, maybe we are coughing so much we can't speak on the phone?  I used to head out to the pharmacy and load up on over the counter, synthetic cold or allergy medicines; however, those always came with side effects that were sometimes worse than the reason I needed them to begin with.  A couple of years ago, I started eating as natural and organic as I could. I noticed I was less swollen, I wasn't waking up as achey or lethargic and I wasn't getting sick as often.


Then, in Nov of 2017, I started using essential oils full time.  I'm learning that using essential oils for cold and allergy relief is a potent and effective, all-natural treatment and an excellent way of alleviating my symptoms. Furthermore, I can use essential oils to prevent cold and allergy symptoms from settling in by eliminating the cause in my home, office and car; and by strengthening my immune system with an all-natural boost.


We all know that the cold and allergies are mainly spread through the air and can be the result of over two hundred various viruses and pollen which attack the respiratory system. We can lessen our chances of getting sick by washing our hands often, avoiding touching our eyes, nose and mouth, and evading sick people as much as we can.

I have chosen additional means of prevention by eliminating the spread of germs by diffusing essential oils in the air, using non-toxic essential oil cleaners, like Young Living's Thieves Cleaner on surfaces in my home and bathing with homemade organic bath products.  


Furthermore, essential oils are great for boosting my mood and the mood of others, helping me to relax, and relieving stress and anxiety that can come along with being sick.  If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, please join me in a 101 Class.  I will be posting a calendar of events, so pick a date and I will see you there!


I've created this website to share my journey with you and hope that we each learn from one another.


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